logo Batteries and Other Supplies

We have a local model shop that can supply batteries for both F2A and F2B starters and Electric powered models. (ie SLA, Lipo, LiOn etc) as well as other modeling supplies.

Folks needing supplies that may not be transportable can contact them directly. They can arrange pickup details and payment methods with the shop owner and he will obtain and hold the supplies that are needed.

The shop is Ace Models R/C and is situated in MIDLAND which is well within 15Km of the World Championships site.

Contact details are:

Scott Kerrison sales@acercmodels.com
Website: http://www.acercmodels.com/

Note: This will not involve the World Championships committee. Arrangements are between you and the hobby shop.

The model shop will be a good source for anyone needing stuff for repairs etc. Although mainly R/C they do stock a small amount of C/L stuff and Brodak bits.