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Some time ago the FAI started to produce a much needed data base containing all FAI Licence information, the data base was finally finished and running at the end of 2014.

Because countries commonly use the same 5 or 6 digit numbers for licences and because it can be very difficult to identify a valid Licence when names are misspelled (which often happens when converting from Cyrillic to Roman alphabet), FAI decided that they would issue each Licence holder with a unique number generated by FAI, this is the FAI ID Number. This number is automatically generated by the data base.

When you are issued with a Licence by your NAC they MUST register the Licence on the date base, until that is done the Licence is not valid, CIAM has applied this rule since January 1, 2015. When a NAC registers the Licence on the data base they will see your National FAI Licence number plus two new numbers firstly the FAI 'FAI Licence' number which changes every time a Licence is registered, (and which will be hidden in the future since it causes confusion) and secondly the 'FAI ID Number'. It is then very easy for the NAC to include the FAI ID number on the National FAI Licence which they issue.

At the 2015 Plenary, CIAM changed three rules to accommodate the new ID number. Pertinent sections from the ABR as they now read:

B.5.4. Entry Forms

a) Entry forms must include sections for:

Name - First name - Date of Birth (Juniors only) - Postal address - Nationality FAI Licence Number and/or FAI Unique ID Number - Class(es) entered.

B.5.5. Results

c) The results must include each entrant's FAI Unique ID number, the full name and nationality (or "FAI" in the case of entrants who have entered with sporting Licence issued direct by the FAI) and for Scale events must also include the name of the prototype air-or spacecraft subject flown by the competitor.

B.17.6. Identification Marks Bureau

a) Model aircraft, except for Indoor Free Flight and Scale, shall carry:

i) the national identification mark (as listed in Annex B.2) followed by the National FAI Licence number or FAI Unique ID number. The letters and numbers must be at least 25 mm high and appear at least once on each model (on the upper surface of a wing for Free Flight models). See Annex B.1 for examples and Annex B.2 for the list of national identification marks;

These rules are in force from January 1, 2016 so they apply to the 2016 F2 Championships. Since this new number is pervasive throughout the operation of the contest, a field was added to the Final Entry Form for each team member. Also be aware that this 'FAI Unique ID" number will also appear on the FAI stickers and on the model specification cards that will be used. An important point that can be made: the numbers typically painted on your models may be EITHER your National identification number OR the FAI Unique ID.

The unique number can be found on the FAI website by your NAC, it may also be checked by other authorised persons:

Please visit http://www.fai.org/about-fai/fai-sporting-licences. There you will find a statement

Please enter the access code. Please mail us at it@fai.org to request a code.

You can e-mail the FAI IT as requested, they will respond with an access code, and you can then look up the FAI Unique ID for any team member.

The 2016 version of the "model sticker" can be viewed/downloaded:

The 2016 FAI Model Specification form will be included when available from the FAI.