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Goran Olsson, July 14, 2016

These logs have been approved for publishing by the FAI Jury and the F2 S/C Chairman.

The log files are named according to the date, TTYYMMDD.TXT. YY: year; MM: month; DD; day

The files are best read with a plain text editor, such as Windows Notepad.

For those who have a Transitrace system, the log files can be moved to the TT directory and then viewed using the Log Review command.

The logs are fairly easy to read and understand. If you have questions, send me a note: goran@go-cl.se.

The first entry of each day is a TEST using my calibrator to check that the system works correctly. The speed should be 286.107 km/h +- 0.003 km/h.

After the contest finished on most days, the system was set to AUTO mode to register flights of the free practice, and these are included in the logs. Pilot names are not registered, but the time of day can give an indication.

For the World Cup a single system was used. The logs are:
Round 1 and 2: TT160505.TXT
Round 3 and 4: TT160506.TXT

For the World Championships two systems were used. The logs are from the computer used as the primary system EXCEPT for the very first flight of round 1 where this computer was used as the secondary system. The computers were then swapped due to a problem with the judge indicator lights.

Round 1: TT160509.TXT
Round 2: TT160510.TXT
Round 3: TT160511.TXT
Round 4: TT160513.TXT

In all cases the primary system was used for the official result.

In round 4 Andrew Heath has two entries. This is because he pulled out before the timing started, but the operator (I) was slow in reacting, so the system registered a zero result. I had to start a new attempt in the system to register his continued attempt. (There was a stopwatch backup for the three minutes attempt time.)

On one occasion the wrong competitor number was entered. The result was given to the correct pilot, but the log still has the error. I haven't taken the time to find and correct this.

The last entry of the last day is a flight outside the contest, requested by the USA team to allow Ivan Valishev the backup for his national junior record that their rules require. (Designated Round 5)